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Medical Team

Appointments with elite dermatologists for you and your family. Our dermatology consultants are selected based on expertise, excellence and integrity. The kind of doctors we would choose for our own families!

When you select a dermatologist having a proper recommendation is so important. That’s why all our Expert Skin Doctors are known to Dr Jess Felton personally. Our consultants have excellent reputations, go the extra mile, and put patients first. It is an honour to showcase these amazing skilled elite dermatologists

We have wide expertise with PR for brands. Working closely with your PR team we achieve amazing results. We can discuss and highlight the issues surrounding the problem your product for skin, hair or nails addresses. We can detail the specific benefits of your formulation. We perform an in depth analysis of the latest research, to ensure accuracy and clarity. With our selection of top dermatologists we can access the right fit for you.

We can also advise on all aspects dermatology for Film and Television.

For NHS and business providers we can discuss providing Teledermatology to make instant and significant impact on waiting lists and two week wait management.

Teledermatology can be utilised in several ways. We have comprensive experience of setting up and providing services for;

Two week wait cancer patients

Rapid access lesion clinics

Community based general Teledermatology

We believe an integrated service that enhances and supports current dermatology provision is the best for patients. For this reason we work closely with all stakeholders to ensure tailored and collaborative solutions.

Medicolegal cases need a timely and conscientious approach. We provide expert opinion within our own areas of expertise. We understand the need for presentation of documents, opinion, and patient reviews, in the correct way. We have an administrative team with years of experience of preparing complex medicolegal reports.

Taking care of your skin
Supporting Dermatology

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Top Dermatologists Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London

Ensuring you see the right Dermatologist first time


Our network ensures you can have the very

best care for your skin.

If you have a complex skin problem your case can be discussed in our group of expert dermatologists. Seeing an individual dermatologist means you have to rely on only their opinion.

With Expert Skin Doctors you can have the experience of all of us!

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